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As many of you know, PBS TeacherLine offers facilitated and self-paced online, professional development courses in science, reading, STEM, social studies, math, and instructional strategies/technology.   By April 27 you can save 10% off your next facilitated course (more…)

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indexMath is about much more than crunching numbers. It’s about the AWESOME acts of building modern cities, designing virtual realities, composing music, and exploring space.  On this Pi Day, we’re celebrating PBS LearningMedia’s new collection of math resources, robust collections that provide some of the most in-demand content of today’s digital learning community. (more…)

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17-tl-hmpgPBS TeacherLine spring courses begin March 26.  As many of you know, these facilitated and self-paced online, professional development courses are offered in science, reading, STEM, social studies, math, and instructional strategies/technology.  To better integrate technology and digital resources into your curriculum while earning PDPs or CEUs, you can also sign up for a new series of 1.5 hour online professional development courses focused on teaching and learning in the digital age.   (more…)

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tumblr_mi7t86cHcw1qd4fqho3_500On this day that celebrates, here are some lovely PBS LearningMedia resources to help you and students of all ages embrace the spirit of Saint Valentine:


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pbsteacherlineWith PBS TeacherLine’s new catalog you can now explore the over 40 facilitated and self-paced courses that range from science, reading, STEM, social studies and math to instructional strategies/technology.  As you may know, this flexible, online professional development for PreK-12 educators is also available for PDPs, CEUs, or graduate credit.

Teachers from across the country take these courses and attest to their quality.  For example, Liz S., a math educator from N. Andover, Ma., says the course she took was the “best organized and most comprehensive math course I’ve ever taken.”   According to Judy D., special education teacher from Norfolk, Va., “because of PBS TeacherLine courses, I became a better special education teacher and touched the lives of so many young children.”

We’d like to hear from you about your experience taking any of PBS TeacherLine’s course.

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imagesWhile it seems like we just shared with you the start of PBS TeacherLine’s first fall term, it’s already time to let you know that the second fall term begins on October 23.

PBS online professional development offers more than 40 facilitated courses in reading and language arts, math, science, technology integration, history, instructional strategies, and STEM.  Courses last 6 weeks and are taught online by expert educators in a media-rich learning environment.  Each course offers learners access to interactive lessons, videos, articles, and online discussions moderated by their course facilitator.  When you complete a course, you can earn CEUs, PDPs, or graduate credit,  investing in your career as you invest students’ success.

You can view the full course catalog as well as explore this sampling of featured courses in mathematics:

Achieving Learning Goals through Accomplished Mathematics Instruction (MATH512)
Grades 6-12 | 45 Hours | Enroll Today
Mathematics Illuminated: A Special Collection from Annenberg Learner (MATH527)
Grades 9-12 | 45 Hours | Enroll Today
Understanding Numbers and Operations: Addition and Subtraction (MATH250)
Grades PreK-3 | 30 Hours  | Enroll Today

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imagesPBS TeacherLine offers online professional development from the convenience of wherever you and a computer happen to be.  At the same time you’ll become part of an  professional learning community.  As Jeannie Dyke, Reading Specialist at SY Jackson Elementary School, writes:  “My online discussion boards offer me contact with other colleagues to discuss ideas, problems, and means of implementation for the curriculum.”  And PBS TeacherLine’s well- trained and well-educated facilitators are there to assist should you be unfamiliar with maneuvering on the site.

While PBS TeacherLine’s fall term is underway, enrollment will remain open through Friday, 9/20/13. Your can review the catalog here or explore the featured courses below: 

Leveraging Smart & Social Digital Media (TECH 575)
K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll Here 

Digital Tools for Innovative Learning (TECH 335)
K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll Here 

Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching (TECH 570)
K-12 | 45 Hours | Enroll Here 

PBS TeacherLine offers 3, 15, 30, and 45-hour online professional development courses in science, reading, STEM, social studies, math, and instructional strategies/technology. For course details and additional information, visit today at www.pbs.org/teacherline.

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