You can take a field trip without leaving the classroom with Alabama Public Television’s Project C: Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement.  Designed for students in grades 7th – 12th, the next  live electronic field trip on December 1  commemorates the 60th anniversary of Rosa Park’s arrest.  Students can join APT’s student reporters as they interview experts and tour historic places, submit their own questions that can be answered live, and participate in live polls with instant results.

APT’s archived trips such as the Freedom March and The Civil Rights Act are also available. Continue Reading »

Forty-six years young on November 10th, Sesame Street is a national treasure — for adults as well as children.  As we see in this video clip, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Sesame Street.  In fact, the parent of a former student once told me that when she came to this country from Lebanon, she learned English by watching Sesame Street.

Sesame Street offers resources that extend beyond watching the program.  Continue Reading »

This week WGBY airs the 10th season of Cyberchase, an Emmy-winning animated math series with 3 kids and their “cybird,” who use math skills to save Cyberspace from an evil hacker.  This season encourages kids to be active, eat well, reduce waste and grow gardens.

These healthy activities are accompanied by great parent/teacher resources, including 5 new lesson plans. Continue Reading »

On 23 February 1945, a single photograph captured the most famous and reproduced image of WWII and perhaps of all time. The impact of the picture on the war effort in the States was immeasurable, yet the iconic photo was almost never taken.

The film, Iwo Jima:  From Combat to Comrades, was broadcast last night and can be viewed on WGBY’s website.  A PBS LearningMedia video clip from the documentary tells how the press photographer captured his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, which became Continue Reading »

From The New York Times Motherlode:  Living the Family Dynamic, an article entitled Why Your Kids Love Snapchat, and Why You Should Let Them helps you learn about the popular app and its value.  While the article’s author, Rachel Simmons, offers a caveat about why some might consider the app problematic, she offers a more compelling argument in support of Snapshot’s fleeting, authentic images of teens and millennials, especially at a time when their psyche’s can be especially fragile.

Students use of the app might also be a way to engage their interest in Continue Reading »

indexTonight at 7:00pm ET, PBS LearningMedia is teaming up with 38-year educator and ed tech consultant, Michael Gorman, for the first in its series of “Get Your Tech On” free educator webinars, Creating Meaningful Assessments in the Digital Age. In addition to excellent professional development, the first sweepstakes winner will be announced live during the webinar. Continue Reading »

Content such as this from the PBS program Navy SEALs – Their Untold Story, which aired on November 11, 2014, is now available in the Experiencing War, World War II, Vietnam War, and Iraq & Afghanistan sub-collections of PBS LearningMedia.  The entire collection of videos, images, and lesson plans brings military veterans’ compelling stories from the battlefront into American history and world history classrooms.

These resources allow students to explore similarities and differences in veterans’ memories of World War II and Vietnam to uncover how wars shaped American culture.   Your class can learn about everything from Continue Reading »


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