In this video from NOVA’s Evolution Lab, students learn about biogeography, the study of the geographic distribution of organisms, as they imagine a new island being born in the middle of the ocean. In addition to this clip and discussion questions, you’ll find related resources such as NOVA’s Evolution Lab game and lesson plan Continue Reading »

Some of you may be tending gardens or can remember growing up with family gardens.    Thousands of years ago, people began to garden as an effort to move away from the uncertainty of hunting and gathering. Human society now depends upon agriculture as well as industries that produce, package and distribute food. Although most modern people are several steps removed from basic food production, the history of food cultivation is the history of mankind.

Video from KET’s Think Garden collection provides a brief history of cultivated food. Students take a virtual trip through the woods as a hunter-gatherer foraging for edible foods, Continue Reading »

“Having the affirmation of what you can do from your father gives you a power that is infinite.”

This quotation from Maya Lin, architect of the Vietnam Memorial, is part of a slide show of accomplished women paying tribute to their fathers found at MAKERS, the digital and video storytelling platform that aims to be the largest and most dynamic collection of women’s stories ever assembled.  You can also find videos of famous women celebrating Father’s Day at Continue Reading »

Most of us have heard the saying, “Children don’t come with directions.”  In a new post  on The Birth Through Third Grade Learning Hub, Jacob Sondl writes about the TEDx talk “The Healthy Child: Assembly Required” by Kathleen Gallagher, in which she addresses the assembly required to build physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially healthy children.

Continue Reading »

This video captures time in March when Michelle Obama traveled to Japan to promote Let Girls Learn, a government-wide effort that will leverage the investments made and success achieved in global primary school and expand them to help adolescent girls complete their education.

From June 15-21 PBS will accompany Michelle Obama on her latest trip to the United Kingdom and Italy as she promotes her Let Girls Learn international education initiative to empower young women around the world as well as other important initiatives. PBS LearningMedia offers an exciting suite of resources on girls’ education issues, global learning and diplomacy in these two countries.  You can also have an insider look at each day of the trip, perfect for summer learners  Continue Reading »

At the New England Reading Association (NERA) Conference held in Springfield this past May, Patricia MacLachlan and Steven Kellogg, both celebrated for their work in children’s literature, received the 2015 Special Recognition Award for  Snowflakes Fall.  As this video shows, their book honors the spirits of the 20 young victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School and helps transcend the tragic events of December 14, 2012.  Educators at the conference who love children and reading listened, sometimes tearfully, as Continue Reading »

When recently attending Northampton High School’s graduation, one of many that have been gracing our region of late, I was moved to hear students perform the Beatles’ “In My Life,” a favorite among seniors to mark their special day.  In students’ lives, teachers play all-important roles in the 2000+ days that students spend in classrooms until high-school graduation.  By way of congratulating and thanking you for being in student’s lives and touching their futures, here are the ever-young Beatles from Liverpool who still touch us with their music:


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