Rapping on Science

Want to get kids excited about science?  This clip from New Zealand shows young students having fun while rapping about science with Tom McFaddin.  A Youth Radio video of McFaddin on PBS LearningMedia reveals how rapping in high school inspires curiosity, investigation, and creativity.  The Brains and Beakers video and support materials, which include inspiring examples and Continue Reading »

How can students feel freer to communicate digitally what’s hard to express in writing?  Zeega – named after the early 19th century Russian cinéma vérité filmmaker Dziga Vertov – is a platform for organizing media from around the Internet to create interactive stories about anything in the world. From crazy cats to remixed film clips, Zeega enables users to practice the craft of storytelling Continue Reading »

To grow professionally, we need people who will give us feedback.  Unfortunately, says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, there is one group of people who get little systematic feedback to help them do their jobs better – teachers.  He goes as far as to say that the coaching system we have in place today is putting America’s global leadership at risk.

In this TEDTalks video, Gates suggests that even great teachers can get better with Continue Reading »

For your back-to-school needs, PBS LearningMedia has free PD resources, lesson plans, and a webinar series, all of which we’ve begun to share with you here.  In addition,  you can enter the PBS Loves Teachers Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy® tablet, Continue Reading »

PBS LearningMedia and the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) have just announced a partnership to deliver new digital resources to teachers and students. These resources include the Good Thinking! professional development series and games like Bumper Ducks and Showbiz Safari. Continue Reading »

PBS LearningMedia is kicking off its back to school campaign by focusing on one of the biggest rends in education today, 1:1 digital media classrooms. You’re invited to join a panel of educators who will provide tips for integrating media that supports curriculum and personalizes instruction for students.  Continue Reading »

Education for Latinos is paramount in an era when they are the largest racial and ethnic minority in the U.S.  But if high school graduation rates are increasing — including the rates for Latinos — is there any reason to be talking about a “crisis” in education?  Unfortunately, Latino students have historically faced legal, social and economic obstacles to graduating from high school.

In this Youth Action Guide based on the PBS Independent Lens documentary “The Graduates,” you’ll learn about Continue Reading »


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