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On Sunday, December 11, at 9:00pm, WGBY premieres The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses, which continues the epic saga begun with the BAFTA winning 2013 Great Performances of The Hollow Crown.  Airing to great acclaim on the BBC this past May, one reviewer observed, “What [Director Dominic] Cooke captures is the scope, the daring and the savage headlong rush of the poet’s imagination. . .”

Amid this cast of acclaimed actors assembled for Great Performances: Shakespeare Live! from The Royal Shakespeare Company, Prince Charles makes his entrance in his official capacity as RSC President.  To commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death on April 23, 2016, The Royal Shakespeare Company hosted a glittering jubilee party that WGBY will premiere on Friday, December 23, at 9:00pm.

Shakespeare Live! will celebrate the international legacy of Shakespeare in all the performing arts — (more…)

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“The whole ocean’s waiting right before our eyes.”  This line from the new Splash and Bubbles theme song invites 4-7 year old viewers — and their teachers and parents — to dive into marine biology and ocean science to explore the diversity and spectacle of our natural undersea world. Premiering on WGBY this Wednesday, November 23, 10:00am and 2:00pm, The Jim Henson Company’s latest creation has meaningful themes like one we hear in this video clip: “There’s only one way to get over the fear of the unknown.  Let’s go there and get to know it.”

You’ll find plenty of resources to explore the wide oceans at (more…)

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The voyage, landing and settlement of 102 colonists who sailed on the Mayflower from England to Cape Cod can be especially meaningful for students living in New England.  American Experience’s Pilgrims Collection, which includes this video clip, features historical reenactments and expert interviews to tell the story from both European and Native perspectives.

The Collection at PBS LearningMedia also offers strong support materials for students (more…)

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When Gwen Ifill — managing editor of “PBS NewsHour” and moderator and managing editor of “Washington Week” — passed away yesterday, President Obama called her an “extraordinary reporter . . . an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity, tenacity, and her intellect.”

One half of the first all-female anchor team on PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff, Ifill recalled her own childhood in a 2013 The New York Times interview: “When I was a little girl watching programs like this . . .  I would look up and not see anyone who looked like me in any way. (more…)

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The statement “Black Lives Matter” has been offensive to some who fear it excludes the lives of others.  At the end of this video clip, Cornell West, Professor of Philosophy, explains the term’s intent to include the lives of Black Americans.  WGBY airs Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise on Tuesdays, November 15 & 22, at 8pm.  In this new documentary Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes a personal journey through the last 50 years of black history — from Stokely Carmichael to Barack Obama, James Brown to Beyoncé — charting the progress made and raising hard questions about the obstacles that remain.

Footage from programs such as this along with support materials can help teachers engage students in challenging subjects such as race.  At PBS LearningMedia you’ll find classroom resources that help to address (more…)

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While this video clip was originally meant to be a preview of “Hamilton’s America” that aired on October 21st, it now offers a taste of the classroom resources available at PBS LearningMedia.  These resources, like the clip, allow students to watch and listen to “Hamilton’s” creator, Lin-Manual Miranda, as well as others who discuss the historical inspiration and basis for the Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

To take a look at the “Hamilton’s America” resources as well as related ones on (more…)

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You’ll find previous posts here about Roadtrip Nation, a program that follows young adults who travel across our country for inspiration about how to find meaningful work and live meaningful lives.  The travelers you see in this trailer for Roadtrip Nation’s Beyond the Dream are three immigrants who arrived in the U. S. when they were young and have been temporarily granted partial — but not full — protection against deportation.

In our country’s current immigration debate, we seem rarely, if ever, to hear immigrants’ voices (although most of us, if lucky, still have family members who immigrated to the U. S. and have their stories).  Beyond the Dream allows these young immigrants to tell us their stories.

Over 1,000 resources on (more…)

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