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This Saturday, September 24, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, you can bring family and friends to the Springfield Museums at the Quadrangle for LittleFest, Springfield’s annual celebration of literacy.  Arts & crafts activities, storytelling and much more await, and admission is free for WGBY members, museum members, and Springfield residents.

WGBY will be there with free books for children and special appearances by PBS KIDS’ Arthur.  The longest-running PBS KIDS program, Arthur — produced by Boston’s WGBH — offers a wealth of 21st Century resources for children, families and teachers.  (more…)

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World Literacy Day

When UNESCO declared September 8 International World Literacy Day in 1965, it hoped to unite schools, communities, and organizations by raising awareness and increasing accessibility to education in developing nations.  These images from READ Bangladesh show children whose lives are likely to be changed because of their access to education.

Many of us can attest to how the course of our lives have been influenced by receiving an education in our country.  As Nicholas Kristoff writes in the Opinion Pages of the New York Times today, perhaps we can “say a quiet thanks to a teacher or aid worker who is giving kids the keys to unlock reading.”  To support your work of giving the gift of literacy and learning to kids, PBS — devoted to life long learning — has resources that (more…)

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This video of Danica McKellar, formerly The Wonder Years’ Winnie Cooper, has had well over 10 million views on Facebook and YouTube this summer.  “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers,” an Emmy-nominated web video series and site from the makers of acclaimed PBS science series, NOVA, profiles today’s leading scientists or engineers and reveals one of their “secrets” or passions.

Danica — who found her true identify not as a Hollywood heartthrob but as an accomplished mathematician — is one of many examples that will engage students and perhaps get them thinking about what makes for a meaningful life.

At PBS LearningMedia you’ll find more episodes from  (more…)

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“Those who won our independence . . . .  believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”  Louis D. Brandeis

In the spirit of Independence Day, here are U. S. presidents, Taylor Swift, Nancy Pelosi, Stephen Spielberg and others reciting the Gettysburg Address, which was a challenge from Ken Burns to all Americans to learn the address when we celebrated its 150th anniversary:

You can find related resources and also watch others such as former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and friends, Bill Gates and (more…)

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Is being outdoors part of your summer plan?  Many of us already know that a walk in the park or the woods can calm our minds.  Now, an article in the NY Times blog “Well,” How Walking in Nature Changes The Brain,” shares a recent study about nature’s effects on our brains and mental health.  The article’s intriguing look at nature and the brain, including differences in anxiety, depression and other mental illness for those living in and out of urban centers, just might motivate you to spend more time in nature’s green spaces.

PBS has long championed nature and the environment with programs and resources such as  (more…)

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PBS has just been honored with two REVERE awards by The Association of American Publishers (AAP) for PBS LearningMedia.  If you follow this blog, you’re no stranger to this digital library of more than 120,000 resources for educators and students.  Election Central, providing educators with curated content to teach K-12 students about the political

process, won for Best News & Current Issues Supplemental Resource while the PBS LearningMedia Student App. took home top prize for Innovation Beyond the Classroom. You can find both (more…)

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MA_Massachusetts_AbbyNewmanIn a March post, we shared Michelle Obama’s invitation to the fifth annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge for 8-12 year olds.  Recently, the White House announced that, after careful deliberation, 56 winners had been selected for the 2016 Challenge.

From MASSACHUSETTS the original recipe — healthy, affordable, and tasty — is one for Fit to Run Boston Marathon Cod-Potato Cake HLC2016_MA_Massachusetts_Abby-1by   (more…)

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