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Studying themes of war and peace can be an effective way to engage students in literature, history, current events and more, including their own attitudes and behaviors.   On Monday, May 30, at 9pm WGBY broadcasts TED Talks: War and Peace by those who have experienced war and can best teach us how war effects everyone.

In addition to these short, extraordinary, and passionate talks and performances by fighters, journalists, psychologists and others, you’ll find a wide and deep range of resources (more…)

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“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Stephen Hawkings

Perhaps our ability to accept, even celebrate change can help us to think like a genius.

WGBY airs the beginning of Genius by Stephen Hawking on Wednesday, May 18, at 9pm.  In each of six episodes, the renowned scientist  presents three ordinary people with a series of physical and mental challenges to show them how to think like a genius.

You can find  resources on Stephen Hawking, including a lesson plan in which students learn about  (more…)

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These images are from never-before-seen photographs of President George W. Bush reacting to the 9/11 attacks, released exclusively to FRONTLINE in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  They offer a powerful new glimpse of history unfolding—from the initial scramble for information when the President learned of the attack — while visiting a classroom of children — and his meetings with senior staff throughout the day, to his return to the White House that evening to address a grieving nation.

FRONTLINE is investigative journalism that questions, explains and changes our world, telling stories others can’t or won’t.  On Tuesday, May 17, at 10pm WGBY airs the premiere of FRONTLINE: The Secret History of ISIS, how ISIS was created and how the U.S. missed the many warning signs.

PBS LearningMedia has many FRONTLINE classroom resources (more…)

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Airing on WGBY this Wednesday, May 11, at 8pm, Nature’s Perfect Partners reveals the value of teamwork for both sea and land animals that collaborate by using brainpower to solve complex problems and stay alive.

The NATURE Collection of science videos and media-enhanced lesson plans draws upon the powerful documentaries of public television’s award-winning natural history series, Nature(more…)

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Northampton’s 35th Pride’s Parade & Pride Event is this Saturday, May 7, and WGBY, as a proud supporter, will be participating in the parade festivities.

PBS also offers a range of LGBT resources (more…)

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This NOVA video with Williams College math professor Colin Adams fighting the zombie apocalypse on campus is just one example of the fun mix of PBS LearningMedia math resources that support young counters as well as upper-level number crunchers.

Here’s a list of resources from PreK-13+ to (more…)

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Elms College has a BioBlitz at Chicopee Memorial State Park from 9-3pm this Saturday, April 30, 2016, in which scientists, naturalists, and volunteers will conduct an intense survey to find and identify all living creatures (birds, plants, insects, and mammals) in that particular region on that one day.

In addition to information about how students, teachers, parents, and friends as well as those able to act as experts can contact Elms College about the event, we want to share classroom resources about (more…)

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