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WGBY celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with upcoming programming and a special event in our studios.  This Friday at 10pm, the 2015 Hispanic Heritage Awards pays tribute to Latinos by Latinos with celebrated Hispanic artists.  On October 15 at 5:30pm, WGBY hosts Herencia Latina as part of a celebration of our region’s Latino American Heritage.  After a musical performance by Heshima Mojaa, we’ll screen “Episode IV: The New Latinos,” with Dr. Arlene Rodriguez, STCC Vice President of Student Affairs, facilitating the evening’s discussion.  

PBS LearningMedia also offers hundreds of educational resources (more…)

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The childhood ditty that “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me” may be a brave effort to protect ourselves from others’ unkindness, but the truth is that name calling can hurt — a lot.  And liking our names can be connected to liking ourselves.  In addition to two lesson plans to help students recognize the power of words, this video of Maya Angelou and Sesame Street friends proudly singing their names can be a great starter for younger student’s (more…)

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This moving trailer shares the grief of an Ecuadorian family after one of its own has been killed by hatred and intolerance.  An excerpt from the documentary, “Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness,” and PBS LearningMedia accompanying resources allow students to think about important questions during Bullying Prevention Month in October as they’re settling into the new school year.

The lesson plan (more…)

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Ever wonder why National Hispanic heritage Month starts in the middle of this month?  September 15 was the date chosen to start the celebration because five Latin American countries — Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua — celebrate their independence on this date.
The PBS LearningMedia collection, Latino Americans, provides a rich array of bilingual lesson plans, activities, videos, and other classroom resources for grades 4-13+. You can join Antonio Gomez, Education Director at KCTS, to find out how you can use engaging, CCSS-aligned resources


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Sharks and Shores

FullSizeRenderIt’s likely you and a fair number of students heard about the many sharks crusing Cape Code shorelines this summer.  (After sunset on Nauset Beach recently, I saw the heads of two seals emerge from the waves, their large population said to be the cause of the many sharks along our shores.)

You can find an abundance of resources on sharks at   (more…)

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For those who remember Ken Burns’ iconic documentary The Civil War, it may seem surprising that the series was first broadcast 25 years ago.  Aligning with the remastered edition of The Civil War, airing on WGBY September 7 – 11 at 9:00 pm, PBS LearningMedia offers resources, including the new lesson plan, (more…)

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Adolescents are often pulled in opposite directions by the desire to  conform and, alternately, be an individual. As they struggle to find out “who” they are as a person, some may become uncommunicative, uncooperative or rebellious at home. At school, others will become willful and opinionated, or confused and hesitant to speak up.

As young people begin to be themselves and love who they are, they will find the confidence not only to learn better, but to contribute to the world around them in positive ways. In this lesson from WGBH, (more…)

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