We took a chance yesterday afternoon.  How would New North Citizen’s Council campers walking into WGBY’s Center for Literacy and Learning at Springfield’s Gerena Community School react to hearing Mozart?  And would they be bored watching this pretty well-known MarshMellow Test?  The 3 different groups of  campers — Chickadees, Parakeets and Phoenixes who ranged in age from 5-12 years — proved attentive and curious.  After we stopped the clip to talk about the “powerful implications” of follow-up studies about children in the test — from their school success to personal relationships — campers wanted to  Continue Reading »

WGBY premieres Koko — The Gorilla Who Talks on Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.  The fascinating documentary features four decades of footage examining both the relationship between American animal psychologist Penny Patterson and gorilla Koko and the evolution of scientific methods.

While engaging students in enriching conversations might be challenging at times (and students might be similarly as playful or stubborn as Koko), you’re likely to find Koko — The Gorilla Who Talks a film Continue Reading »

Whether you’re running a sleepaway camp, working as a counselor at a day camp, or teaching at a summer program at your school, PBS wants to support teachers who are working with kids this summer.   Camp PBS LearningMedia offers fun, exploratory resources ideally suited to include in daily schedules as well to help seed ideas for introducing topics to campers.

You can take advantage of extra time spent outdoors and inspire students to Continue Reading »

PBS LearningMedia describes edtalk as “a collection of educator testimonials that offers teachers the opportunity to express themselves in a world that all too often speaks for them.”   A web-based series from WNET public television in New York, edtalk is created for educators and offers a range of subjects to explore, laugh and think about — subjects that touch your lives and those of students.

Over these summer months, you might want to view these short talks and, because they provide rich subject matter for discussions with new and seasoned educators — you might want to consider sharing them in some way at the beginning of the new school year. Continue Reading »

JULY 14 is designated as Summer Learning Day to highlight the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy over the  summer — a particular challenge for many children and families without sufficient resources.  This annual national advocacy day is led by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA).

To help keep kids learning, WGBY’s 2016 Summer of Fun & Learning is designed to engage children ages 4 – 12 with Continue Reading »

HLC2016_Winners_JudgingWe’ve shared the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge with you — from the time entries could be submitted until the recent announcement of winners, including highlights of our young Massachusetts chef whose recipe was selected.  THIS THURSDAY, July 14, all 56 winners of the Challenge will attend the Kids’ “State Dinner” at the White House.

When the event is live-streamed, beginning at 10:00 am EST, you can  Continue Reading »

{f46209d5-d047-4cb7-9632-01b311db577a}_TeacherLine-July-2016-642x260PBS TeacherLine online professional development courses begin July 13 and August 17.  Current offerings support better integration of digital resources into the curriculum, expand content knowledge, and explore new teaching strategies — as well as meet any needs you may have for PDPs or CEUs.

If  you enroll between July 11 and August 19, you’ll also receive a 15% discount on 15, 30, and 45-hour facilitated courses by Continue Reading »


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