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PBS KIDS, as part of the Ready To Learn Initiative has partnered with Virtual Pre-K and Chicago Public Schools to create an interactive program involving parents and teachers to build the home school connection and reinforce math skills for Pre-K.

All the activities you saw in the video above are happening here in Springfield.  As part of Ready To Learn: North End, WGBY is working with our local partners like Holyoke, Springfield, Chicopee Head Start, Square One, and others to bring technology into the classroom and into the community.  By pairing young children with our college-age digital ambassadors, we’re able to show kids that learning how to read and acquiring math skills is fun!  Also, we host drop-in hours at the North End Center for Literacy and Learning for parents to come and try the technology themselves and learn what kinds of things they can do with their child.  To find out about the drop-in program and other Ready to Learn events, visit the program calendar.

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Back in February, we announced that WGBY and our coalition of local partners would be launching the North End Center for Literacy and Learning, a project focused on connecting parents, families, and educators in the North End with early learning resources.  We thought we’d update you on what’s going on now.

A community calendar of events has been posted through June with activities at the Center each week.  Open lab times are available for families to drop-in after school and play with touch tablets or PBS Kids Lab games on the big SMARTboard screen.  Other events include themed family days like one this past week, El Dia de los Niños, at which we celebrated children’s learning.  Take a look at this video to see what the Center looks like now:

Beyond events at the Center, WGBY staff have been making site visits to partners like HeadStart, Square One, Springfield YMCA, and the Springfield Parks Department.  At each visit, students are given hands-on time with tablets to play learning games and see how technology can support what they learn in school. 

For more information about the Center and Ready To Learn: North End, visit our program website.

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Recent research shows children in lower income households have less access to computers, smartphones and tablets, therefore, they have less access to educational media. PBS, CPB and Head Start have started a new program to help fill this “app gap”. By targeting community organizations that serve low income families and are already equipped with mobile and tablet devices, this program aims to increase access to educational mobile content.

The two new apps featured in this program come from The Jim Henson Company series Dinosaur Train and are designed to help children, ages 3 – 5, build critical math skills.

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train! (for iPad)

The Dinosaur Train is getting ready to leave and needs passengers! Children need to match the passengers with the right train cars, challenging them to problem-solve by estimating dinosaur sizes and comparing them with the train cars’ capacity.
Dinosaur Train Camera Catch! (for iPhone)
This app challenges players to snap photos of flying dinosaurs by moving their iPhone around. Kids “catch” the dinosaurs with their camera in a designated pattern, building patterning skills.
WGBY is a participating station in this great new program and anticipates distributing apps to over 500 local parents and children.  In addition to this special distribution in underserved communities, both apps are available to everyone in the App Store.
Learn more about these apps plus more Dinosaur Train educational games with PBS’ Ready to Learn site.

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Check out this great write up by a local mom that details the launch of the North End Center for Literacy and Learning; thanks Katie!!.  Thanks also to everyone who came to celebrate with us.

The North End Center for Literacy and Learning was established to provide a space in which families and children can learn about the educational resources available in their community.  WGBY is the lead partner in a collaboration with many partners on Ready To Learn: North End, an initiative that seeks to provide technology training and access to families and children, particularly through the use of the PBS Kids Lab. College-age youth are being used as Digital Ambassadors to serve in a peer mentoring role with younger children that visit the Center.  Interested in finding out more about the Center and the Ready To Learn: North End project?  Visit the NECLL calendar of events.

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On Friday, February 24 join WGBY and their community partners as we launch the North End Center for Literacy and Learning.  Supported by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the U.S. Department of Education, this center seeks to support the North End community of Springfield with innovative resources for learning using the PBS Kids Lab.  From 3:30-7:00pm, join us for tours of the center, and meet and greet with Curious George, and an opening ceremony at 5:30pm.  Here’s the invite for this event.  We hope to see you there!

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WGBY has recently received an award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) as a demonstration site to test math and literacy content developed through the U.S. Department of Education’s Ready To Learn grant.

Working with a coalition of partners, WGBY will implement Ready To Learn: North End, a project that will use educational content on multiple platforms — including video, online games, mobile apps, and off-line activities — that builds an educational experience for kids using innovative technologies. Partners for this project include Springfield Public Schools, Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield HeadStart, Square One, Springfield City Library, Springfield YMCA, Springfield Parent Academy, Springfield Parks Department, The North End Campus Coalition, North End Outreach Network, Cherish Every Child, among others.

Throughout the year, WGBY and their community partners will collaborative:
• Launch the North End Center for Literacy at Learning at the Gerena Community School;
• Train educators on the use of Ready To Learn content through face-to-face training;
• Utilize a peer mentoring approach for training through the use of digital ambassadors, connecting teens with younger youth to demonstrate new technologies;
• Create opportunities for parents and children to play learning games experience how technology can support early learning.

We will keep you posted with updates about our project!  To check out some of the newest PBS KIDS games, visit the PBS KIDS Lab.

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