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What does mathematical argumentation and critique look like in the classroom?  The following video from PBS LearningMedia’s Making the Case collection introduces Common Core Standard #3 for Mathematical Practice: “Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others,” and provides context about implementing the standard in your classroom practice. Reflections from teachers and from math education experts are also included.  


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17-tl-hmpgPBS TeacherLine spring courses begin March 26.  As many of you know, these facilitated and self-paced online, professional development courses are offered in science, reading, STEM, social studies, math, and instructional strategies/technology.  To better integrate technology and digital resources into your curriculum while earning PDPs or CEUs, you can also sign up for a new series of 1.5 hour online professional development courses focused on teaching and learning in the digital age.   (more…)

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pd-contest-2013_teachersTo provide you with cutting edge teaching skills and techniques, PBS TeacherLine offers online development courses trusted by thousands of PreK-12 educators — from 15, 30, and 45-hour facilitated courses to 3-hour self-paced courses you can take on your own time.  Courses begin January 22 (but you can enroll through January 24).  If you enroll by January 22nd, you’ll be automatically entered to win FREE in-person PD training for your entire school  from PBS .  (more…)

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index Here are two of several grants recently shared by eSchoolNews, each with February deadlines : 1) all-expenses-paid professional development opportunities for middle/high school teachers from the Siemens STEM Academy and 2) a chance for teams of high school students to hone their creativity with inventions for real-life problems, offered by the InvenTeam initiative, created by the Lemelson-MIT Program. (more…)

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fin10_int_bankit_lThis vast collection of resources, including lesson plans and professional development,  is from Thirteen/WNET in New York.  It’s designed to engage students in financial awareness, economic empowerment and personal responsibility. The 25 resources for grades 7-12  that comprise (more…)

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PBSTeacherLine_FTR1PBS TeacherLine is happy to announce its WINTER 2014 schedule of courses as well as an opportunity to win free professional development for your school.  PBS TeacherLine offers an assortment of online development courses trusted by thousands of PreK-12 educators — from 15 to 45-hour facilitated courses to 3-hour self-paced courses that you can take on your own time. (more…)

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Granby photo

Just one week ago, teachers from the Granby MA. Public Schools participated in WGBY workshops at the junior/senior high during their professional development day.  JoanVohl Hamilton, a dedicated ELA teacher there, was a great help in making these workshops happen.  (Here’s a photo of one group with Joan first in the top row and myself front row, fourth from left:).  These K-12 teachers came into the junior/senior computer lab enthusiastic to learn about the rich resources that WGBY’s Community Engagement and Education Department has to offer.  During our two afternoon sessions, they were able to sign up to receive WGBY’s Education Blog and learn about PBS TeacherLine online courses and WGBY’s Lending Library.  One teacher regretted that she had just asked her school librarian to purchase a Ken Burn’s film she could have borrowed for free, and another began checking off TeacherLine courses she can take to support her students’ needs and fulfill her PDP certification requirements.

But the highlight of each workshop was PBS LearningMedia with its now 34,000 — and growing — resources.  After seeing the site’s user-friendly functionality and registering for free, teachers were able to search resources by grade level, content area, standards, and collections.  Some teachers even began saving favorite videos, interactives, and lesson plans to later examine, share, and organize in folders.  While some had to contend with a few tech glitches such as slow computers and blocked sound, teachers’ feedback showed their appreciation for this hands-on opportunity, with many wishing we’d had more time to explore this vast resource!

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pbslm_promoPBS TeacherLine’s 3, 15, 30, and 45-hour online, professional development courses are designed to enhance your content knowledge and expand your library of teaching strategies. We recently posted PBS TeacherLine’s virtual catalog with courses that span the PreK-12 spectrum and explore subjects like reading, language arts, STEM, and the Common Core, with most courses offering PDPs, CEUs, or graduate credit. .  (You can search here under “PBS TeacherLine” if you missed the post.)

Feel free to explore the additional featured instructional strategy and technology facilitated courses below or check out the entire collection here.

Strategy Courses:

Curriculum Mapping I by Heidi Hayes Jacobs  - INST300
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll

Connecting Family, Community & Schools - INST320
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll

Teaching with WebQuests – TECH145
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll

Tech Courses:

Digital Tools for Innovative Learning - TECH335
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours | Enroll

Leveraging Smart & Social Digital Media in Classroom - TECH575
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours  | Enroll

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pbsteacherlineWith PBS TeacherLine’s new catalog you can now explore the over 40 facilitated and self-paced courses that range from science, reading, STEM, social studies and math to instructional strategies/technology.  As you may know, this flexible, online professional development for PreK-12 educators is also available for PDPs, CEUs, or graduate credit.

Teachers from across the country take these courses and attest to their quality.  For example, Liz S., a math educator from N. Andover, Ma., says the course she took was the “best organized and most comprehensive math course I’ve ever taken.”   According to Judy D., special education teacher from Norfolk, Va., “because of PBS TeacherLine courses, I became a better special education teacher and touched the lives of so many young children.”

We’d like to hear from you about your experience taking any of PBS TeacherLine’s course.

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skd283128sdcNew York Time’s writer Michael Sokolove recently returned to his alma mater, Truman High, to write, “The Real-Life ‘Glee’ in Levittstown, Pa.”   Central to the article is Lou Volpe, his former teacher who directed an outstanding drama program in an otherwise unremarkable town.  The article holds lessons for all teachers who want to make a real impact on students.

As Volpe retires after more than 40 years of teaching, the words of former students help define effective teaching.  For example, Volpe had applauded Sokolove’s writing as a student by simply asking,  “Has anyone ever told you that you’re a good writer?” and making Sokolove aware of his talents beyond the athletic field.  Volpe calls Mariela Castillo, who is challenged by a working class background and remedial classes attributed to childhood leukemia, one of his most talented actresses.  Of him she says:  “In theater, everything is staged and organized. It goes in order and fits together. I’ve seen how Mr. Volpe is so brilliant at that, and it’s helped me organize my life in the same way.”

Of Volpe’s relationship with students, Sokolove writes, “At a certain moment, he knew them better than they knew themselves. That is what gifted, intuitive teachers do. What they say doesn’t have to be that profound — just well timed and well aimed. Their words go to a place that no other teacher, and no parent, has touched.” As the article reveals, Volpe’s gifts are hard won through self-motivated professional development, self-exploration, and recognition of students’ potential.  Read entire article.

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