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imagesHere is an hour long DVD that’s broken into four easy-to-watch segments by young learners that builds vocabulary, phonics, spelling, cognitive, letter knowledge and language development. Episodes include “Happy Birthday Dog!”, “Sh-Sh-Shark”, “The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie” and “Snug as a Bug”. Borrow WordWorld (I.D. 2111) for a month by clicking here

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518I86v0ifL._SY300_Word Girl makes it fun to teach new words to preK-2 learners.  In this recently released DVD, Miss Power, along with her sidekick, Colonial Giggle Cheeks, is new in town.  Is she a friend or a foe?  She uses mean words against others and is certified bully!  Will Word Girl be able to defeat Miss Power without sinking to her level and save the city?

Bonus: “A World Without Wordgirl.”  The video introduces 16 new vocabulary words. You can borrow “The Rise of Miss Power” (I.D. 2255) for a month by clicking here .

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339Get prepared with Dinosaur Train’s December Nature Trackers Club challenge.  Help children be prepared for natural emergencies by making a Go Bag together. Check out the Dinosaur Train episodes on natural emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and droughts. Don’t worry it’s not scary! The Pteranodon family talks about safety practices and gets prepped so they are not in danger!
The Nature Trackers Club is a great way for parents of young children to introduce science concepts into everyday activities.  Check it out for some great ideas.

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The Fourth of July is a great day to highlight the sacrifices made by military families all across the United States.  To support these families, Sesame Workshop has developed Talk, Listen, Connect: a resource kit that offers strategies and resources to help children through difficult periods of transition and separation that accompanies military service.  Their website has great videos for children, parent resources, and printables for parents and children to do together.  This feature from Youtube shows just one of the video resources about coping with change:

We here at WGBY salute all the military families out there; happy Independence Day!

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Autism is a disability that affects the way children behave, learn, and interact in everyday situations. Children with autism often have difficulties with communication and social interactions.

This month, PBS Parents provides a great feature on How To Help Children With Autism.  Written by Fredda Brown, Ph.D., Sima Gerber, Ph.D. and Christopher M. Oliva, Ph.D. of Queens College, this “Inclusive Communities” segment has features on educational needs, team planning, and how to support children.  Other Inclusive Communities segments include Family Rights, Special Education Evaluation, Assisitive Technology and others.  This is a great resource to pass along with families who are working their way though these important issues in education.

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