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index Here are two of several grants recently shared by eSchoolNews, each with February deadlines : 1) all-expenses-paid professional development opportunities for middle/high school teachers from the Siemens STEM Academy and 2) a chance for teams of high school students to hone their creativity with inventions for real-life problems, offered by the InvenTeam initiative, created by the Lemelson-MIT Program. (more…)

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concert_for_newtownTeachers are among those most moved and affected by the violence and suffering at Newtown one year ago.  To honor the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy — December 14 — at 6pm, WGBY airs a tearful yet joyful concert, filled with love and a powerful sense of the Newtown community’s commitment to fulfilling the Sandy Hook Promise — to be remembered not as the place where tragedy occurred but as the place where transformational change began.   In addition to this moving anniversary tribute, you can find resources for grades 9-12 to teach and learn about Newtown and its aftermath. (more…)

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We Thank You

choose_btm_04Over this long weekend that celebrates Thanksgiving, we want to thank our readers for their work educating young people.   Some, unaware of the dedication and determination it takes to be effective teachers, may joke about the number of days off in a school calendar.  From 30+ years of  teaching, I know that these breaks are needed to refresh ourselves, renew our energy, and reflect on our practice.

Practice teaching is not just a 6 or 8 week assignment but a lifetime of daily caring for students, believing in their potential, and cultivating their young minds.  Angela Duckworth says in the PBS TED Talks Education special that “Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”  Lasting success in any field takes grit and determination for long-term goals, and often teachers never know how their work affects students’ futures.

So we thank you and hope you enjoy these precious moments with family and friends.  We’ll be here for you again on Monday to support you in your practice.

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flipped-classroom1These are the words of 7th grade math teacher, Bonnie Wareham, when describing her students almost unanimous agreement about enjoying her flipped classroom  iPad project, for which she received a 2012 Teacher Innovator Award . The annual Teacher Innovation Awards are sponsored by PBS LearningMedia and the Henry Ford.

For this pilot project, she and the class designed “Ladder of Success” together as “ a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of Common Core standards.”  She describes the program as a “joy” that allowed her to immediately review students work and give feedback, which then provided them with a process for  reviewing and revising their work before returning it for a final assessment.

You can read how this method transformed the classroom environment where students have endless options such as creating movies, picture collages, puppet shows, snapshots of written work and cartoons.  In addition to — and more important than – their  higher grades, Bonnie shares how  “students are able to explain their understanding in math language, work collaboratively, and are confident in their abilities. They are creating their own situations and then solving them.”

What do you think about flipped learning or this “Ladder of Success” pilot project?  What challenges and/or successes have you had teaching math?

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Explore educational resources and activities from PBS with their library of Activity Packs. Each one focuses on a curricular theme and includes links to great PBS resources and supplemental activities.  Packs are available for The Arts, Health & Fitness, Reading & Language Arts, Science & Technology, and Social Studies.

Check out this list of packs in the Science & Technology unit:

Check them out today!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from WGBY!

Today at 11:00am -11:30am, WGBY will air the national premiere of “You Are Special,” an all-new Valentine’s Day episode on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the new, highly rated pre-school series inspired by the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Known to be a great fan of Fred Rogers, singer-songwriter Jason Mraz will sing the opening and closing songs – “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and “It’s Such a Good Feeling” – with their messages of happiness, love and acceptance.  At Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood website you can find games, video and printables, and at the teachers’ site, more about early childhood activities and the show’s learning goals.

At an older and much beloved program, Arthur, what better way to open children’s eyes to a celebration of love than poetry?  There’s a Valentine’s Day poem by Eloise entitled It’s Valentine’s Day at Fern’s Poetry Nook as well as Happy Valentine’s Day episodes and fun activities .  And Arthur’s Poetry Club has even more with poetry videos, poems and activities for writing poems.

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The PBS Teacher Innovator Awards recognize innovative PreK-12 classroom educators, media specialists, technology coordinators, and home-school educators who use digital media to enhance student learning. Entrants submit a short video or PDF with text and images that showcases their work. Entries can be a demonstration of a unique teaching technique or the outcome of influence on a student work.

Maximum award: all-paid, week-long “Innovation Immersion Experience” at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan in August 2013; free professional development from PBS TeacherLine.

Eligibility: preK-12 classroom educators (public, private, or charter school), library media specialists, technology specialists/coordinators, home-school educators, and Head Start or licensed daycare teachers.

Deadline: December 12, 2012.

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If you love Fred Rogers and his life’s work on behalf of children, families and educators, then you’ll be delighted that Daniels Tiger’s Neighborhood, the new preschool series inspired by the classic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, will premiere on Monday, September 3, at 11:00am and 1:30pm on WGBY.

The program features Daniel, the son of Daniel Striped Tiger, as a shy but brave and imaginative four-year-old tiger who lives in the Neighborhood of Make Believe with the next generation of original characters from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Each episode integrates music and includes two stories that focus on common early learning themes.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood interactive website features educational online games and activities such as a ride through the Neighborhood of Make Believe on the always popular Trolley.   At its teachers’ site you can watch a premiere, meet the characters and see the show’s learning goals.  The parents’ site also offers great resources, including Fred Roger’s Timeless Wisdom.

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August is Connected Educator Month and the New York Times blog The Learning Network asked those who had written a guest post to answer the question: “What one person, group or organization would you recommend every educator add to his or her Personal Learning Network?”  Latin teacher Jessica Lahey answered, “Good ol’ PBS Teachers has rescued, inspired and educated me more times than I can count.”

To connect you to the best of PBS resources, PBS Teachers is one place we go for multimedia resources and professional development for prek-12 educators.  If you want to check it out for yourself, you’ll find resources such as  PBS KIDS in the ClassroomPBS Education News, and PBS EcoInvestigators, designed to get students in grades 3-5 engaged, excited, and prepared to take on and solve environmental problems in their community and beyond.  You’ll even be connected to  the PBS Teachers Facebook page where you’ll find still more resources, including links for NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars!

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When students learn about how their brains work and develop, research reveals that they are motivated and work harder, showing improvements in learning mathematics.  When you go to www.pbsteachers.org,  the PBS site for teachers,  and search “the brain,” you’ll find lesson plans such as the following to motivate students to use their brains:

The Wonder Pill:  Placebo – 1:  (Grades 3-5, 6-8) From  awarding-winning PBS science series Scientific American Frontiers, this lesson allows students to investigate how the brain can be fooled into incorrectly processing sensory information.  They’ll conduct an experiment to fool someone into thinking they’ve touched his or her hand in a bizarre illusion that thoroughly confuses the brain.

Mysteries of the Senses – Smell  (Grades 6-8, 9-12)  In this activity from  PBS NOVA, students can understand how the sense of smell has strong connection to the limbic region of the brain and experience how the brain associates smells with memories and emotions.

How Alzheimers Affects the Brain  (Grades 9-12) is one of three lessons on a disease that students are likely to know something about.  This lesson introduces students to the ways in which Alzheimer’s disease damages the brain. They’ll see visual examples of how brain changes affect behavior and how damage to neurons and neural connections progress.

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