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indexWith all that seems to be going on in March, did you know it’s also National Nutrition Month?  We have featured activities and videos to share that can enhance students’ understanding of healthy eating, exercise, and the science of nutrition, all important facets of their education. (more…)

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We hope you’re familiar with the long running PBS KIDS program, Arthur, with its warmly drawn settings and even more heartwarming themes.  Now there’s a new Arthur site with games, videos, and resources designed to keep families safe and strong.


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kids-lunch-lineeSchool News recently reported on new rules that look like they’ll go a long way toward eliminating unhealthy foods in schools. The report refers to an Associated Press article by Mary Clare Jalonick about upcoming Agriculture Department regulations on high fat, calorie, sugar and salt foods sold during the school day, including those in a la carte lines, often the culprit of beige foods (e.g., fries, nuggets).

Weighing in on this news in the AP article is Michelle Obama, who has dedicated her efforts to childhood obesity, saying, “’. . . as a mom myself, I am so excited that schools will now be offering healthier choices to students and reinforcing the work we do at home to help our kids stay healthy.’”

PBS LearningMedia is a great resource for health and nutrition resources.  In fact, you can search the content area “Health and Physical Education”  or do specific search such as “Nutrition.”

Here are just a couple of the wide-ranging resources with support materials you’ll find:

Balanced Meals (Grades 1-4) “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab” videos & related lesson plan with informative overview of food and nutrition topics; emphasize a positive change in the current state of childhood nutrition by promoting a balanced food pyramid

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (Grades 6-12)  Video segment adapted from American Experience: “Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring,” about the lethal impact of the pesticide DDT on wildlife

We’d be happy to hear your thoughts about current conditions of nutrition in schools or any resources you may have to share on these subjects.

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School GardenWith red buds popping, this season can be a great time to arouse students’ curiosity about garden miracles, and Think Garden – one of PBS LearningMedia’s great new content collections  – has just the video resources you’ll need!  This engaging video collection produced by KET (Kentucky Educational Television) helps teach elementary students about the art and science of growing food, with an emphasis on biological and environmental concepts. It also addresses topics related to nutrition and economics.

One of the videos, Think Garden:  Cool Crops explores the possibilities of gardening in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall. Students learn about which vegetables like cool weather and what techniques help plants, like raised beds and hoop houses, grow in these conditions.  They’ll also find out why cool crops are ideal for school gardens.

We hope you like the new look and feel of the PBS LearningMedia site.  Try viewing it on your tablet or phone for an optimized experience.

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The new Fizzy’s Lunch Lab app, Hectic Harvest, aims to stock the Lunch Lab with the freshest veggies. But there’s one problem: Fizzy’s too busy running the Lunch Lab to work on his new farm! He needs Mixie to help him out. In this time-management simulation game, help Mixie plant, water and harvest the crops. Luckily, Mixie comes equipped with helpful gadgets to make farming fun. Earn enough money and you can visit the upgrade store to purchase even more gadgets to speed up farming.

This app’s goals are to communicate the processes of farming and to connect children with the process of farming healthy food.  The app is available now on iTunes, Amazon App Store for Android, Google Play and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store.

Check out a demo of the game below:

Is your child a fan of Fizzy’s Lunch Lab already?  Check out these great family activities.  New to the series?  Check it out online at PBS Kids.

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Arthur’s Lunch-o-Matic Game

In our country, one in three children is considered overweight or obese. Children can also be the most difficult to satisfy, often choosing prepackaged options over fresh ones. So with students heading back to school cafeterias before long, it’s time to think about teaching them why and how to make healthy eating choices.  As well as other PBS resources/lessons on nutrition that you can search on our site, here are additional ones from PBS LearningMedia to help students start off eating healthy in the new school year:

Lunch-o-Matic  (Grades K-2) With this online interactive game, PBS Kids’ favorite, Arthur, helps students choose the right foods to create balanced lunches . They elect a food to add to a lunch tray that contains the nutritional items the brain asks for.

OrganWise Guys Shorts: Are You OrganWise? (Grades PreK-4) In this short game show-style clip, kids learn about healthy food choices with the OrganWise Guys.  They’ll recognize that high-fiber vegetables are key components of good nutrition.

Science Profile:  Food Scientist (Grades 4-6) In this video profile from DragonFly TV, nutritionist Corey Scott researches the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables to help develop healthier snacks.

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video segment from IdahoPTV’s Dialogue 4 Kids, we see a demonstration of the path food takes in our body in order for us to absorb nutrients. The functions of the 6 nutrients of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water are described with examples of each nutrient.  This segment is perfect for kids in grades 4-6 to discuss our bodies’ basic needs. 

This is just one video of the thousands available to you through PBS LearningMedia.  You can search classroom resources by topic, grade level, standards, and keywords.  And remember: joining is free.

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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab is a PBS Web series featuring clips that educate kids about the importance of good nutrition, a balanced diet, and physical activity. Join Professor Fizzy and his friends in the super-charged Lunch Lab Test Kitchen, as they prepare healthy snacks, investigate the difference between good and bad food, and learn what happens once the food you eat goes into your body.

Each week, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab releases a new animated short video and a corresponding recipe for families to enjoy.  The series also has a fantastic set of lesson plans for elementary school teachers on topics like food pyramids, hydration, proteins, and carbohydrates.  Who knows, this just might be useful reminders for older kids too!

Here’s just a little clip of an episode on calories:

The website also features great music, kitchen safety tips, and fun printables.



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