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KidTablet_ResizedOne-to-one initiatives are touted for their ability to engage students and help them cultivate valuable tech skills they will carry with them to college and the workforce. But teachers and administrators must make sure that technology used in one-to-one initiatives is used properly as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.  In the November 5th issue of eSchool news, Laura Devaney, Managing Editor, reports on eight free assessment tools available for measuring your one-to-one programs.

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Masslive.com, November 24th, Jeanette DeForge:

Early last week, Masslive.com covered a story on the Chicopee School Committee and their review of the new MCAS teacher accountability system.  Changes have been made to the original system, most notably, the replacement of the Annual Yearly Progress standard with the Progress and Performance Index.  This benchmark looks to have schools reduce the proficiency gap in achievement by 50 percent over a period of five years.  For example, if students are only 60 percent proficient in 2011, the school will have to improve proficiency by 20 percent by 2016.  City officials support this change, citing that it will provide teachers with more information while also maintaining more realistic benchmarks for progress.

What do you think?  For those familiar with the changes in the accountability system developed alongside the Common Core Standards, are they an improvement?

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From news wire services as published in eSchool News, July 13, 2012 –  GPAs for college admissions are cited as a key reason why those A’s, B’s, C’s, are still coming home on most high school report cards, despite moves to scrap the grading system in favor of one that gives parents more information about a student’s progress.

Numerous elementary schools around the country have moved to so-called standards-based grading and report cards. Many middle schools are on board, as well. But high schools have been much slower to embrace the change. Still, some schools have adopted both methods that provide parents with clear indications of their child’s performance in class, while satisfying the requirements for college admission.

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If you run a summer program here in western MA (within 2 hours of Boston) you qualify to participate in an assessment of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman activities that can earn you $100. 
We are looking for summer programs that are able to:

  • lead three activities in July of 2011,
  • take a short survey before and after you do the activities (our evaluators will come to your program to give the surveys to your kids),
  • do the activities with the same group of kids, ages 8-10 year olds, and
  • gather a group containing 15-20 kids.

Eligible camps will receive:

  • Activity materials
  • $100 stipend

To express interest, ask questions, and volunteer for this project, go online and complete a brief form: www.surveymonkey.com/s/FETCH.

No prior experience with the Fetch! television program is necessary.

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