Regardless of how many lesson plans you may write, guideposts can help to ensure lessons are comprehensive and effective.  At PBS LearningMedia you can find The Top Ten Questions to Ask Myself as I Design Lessons, the framework for the book Instruction for All Students by Paula Rutherford. These questions can be used to promote thinking about teaching and learning during the planning process, while teaching, and again when reflecting on the impact of the lesson Continue Reading »

CNC machine operationIn today’s high tech world, there is a need for graduates who can “hit the deck running” with the skills and knowledge to operate complex machines, use new computer systems, and much more.  , a contributor to eSchoolnews, explains how vocational education plus traditional learning is meeting this challenge.  PBS LearningMedia offers resources Continue Reading »

In May we shared information about the STEM TEACHER CHALLENGE, which invites Massachusetts’ educators to submit 1-5 minute educational videos that demonstrate STEM concepts, experiments, or best practices.

While the thought of videotaping might initially cause anxiety for some, this challenge can be a great way not only to share your practice but to reflect on your teaching and celebrate your creativity, energy (and, yes, courage) to experiment with new concepts in innovative ways.  And WGBH has resources to help and inspire your video making Continue Reading »

imagesPBS LearningMedia has designated the week of October 14 Earth Science Week.  Celebrate the beauty, complexity, and power of our planet from a wealth of material around which to build meaningful class activities.   You can find suggested Earth science related activities with most categorized based on the Next Generation Science Standards and earlier National Science Education Standards. Continue Reading »

While PBS TeacherLine courses begin today, enrollment remains open until Friday.  These online courses are innovative and engaging and, for busy educators, provide a flexible learning schedule.  Facilitated and self-paced professional development courses are designed to benefit both beginning and experienced teachers in science, reading, social studies, math, instructional strategies, and instructional technology.  Continue Reading »

On Wednesday, October 15, WGBY premieres the new series How We Got To Now with host Steven Johnson.   The programming begins at 9pm with CLEAN — Extraordinary ideas, innovations and unsung heroes who helped make America’s water supply cleaner, followed at 10pm with TIME — profiling the unsung heroes of time who helped advance navigation, technology and travel.  A PBS LearningMedia Collection targets video segments, audio files, lesson plans, and guides with  tools to drive this kind of innovative thinking among middle and high school students. Continue Reading »

Perhaps its appropriate that during Bully Prevention Month, Malala Yousafzai, who fights against the acts of some of the world’s most frightening bullies, has, at age 17, become the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  She shares this honor with Kailash Satyarthi of India, who received the prize for his work to end child labor and free children from trafficking.   This video clip from PBS NewsHour captures the spirit, intelligence and vision of Malala.  You’ll find  powerful teaching resources Continue Reading »


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