This week PBS LearningMedia spotlights the summer critters, garden bugs, worms, and flying creatures that make the summer such a great season for learning.  As part of the “Summer Explorer Series, ” these resources for grades preK-12 engage students in creative thinking, experimentation, and collaboration. Continue Reading »

DSC05203Summer vacations often include seaside visits and what a great time to learn about the depth of Davy Jones’ Locker? PBS LearningMedia features resources highlighting sea cows, slugs, fish with teeth and much more! Continue Reading »

Over the summer might be a time when you can better explore effective technology for education.   As you probably know, and as early childhood  experts find, putting young students in front of a tablet doesn’t guarantee learning. There’s a lot of technology available to educators, but not all of it is effective, reports Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor of eSchool News. Continue Reading »

We know that many educators and students are busy extending learning through the summer and are committed to supporting year-round learning. The new Camp PBS LearningMedia collection of resources is ideally suited for parents, camp counselors and other summer educators looking for fun, educational activities to include in their daily schedule. Continue Reading »

PBS TeacherLine’s facilitated and self-paced professional development courses online in science, reading, STEM, social studies, math, and instructional strategies/technology start July 9. Explore the summer lineup of professional development courses Continue Reading »

The classroom can be a good place to become more aware of the explicit and implicit messages we send about who or what is beautiful.  As we prepare to celebrate the independence of our nation and its people, you might find it liberating to watch this interview of Meryl Streep about her experience with beauty:

Well, the cyber gremlins are at it again. We’ve been having problems with the library website and have temporarily shut it down until we can remedy the situation.  We’ll post a notice as soon as we’re back up and running. Meanwhile, Continue Reading »


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