aew116fax89wge93hl92.png.resize.710x399Libraries are usually among the first to feel budget tightening by school administrators who often aren’t aware of the role libraries play in today’s educational landscape.  If school librarians want to make a case for funding, they must demonstrate how they help students learn and prove that they build collaborative instructional partnerships with classroom teachers. In the October 23 issue of eSchoolNews, Managing Editor Laura Devaney, offers four ways that  Continue Reading »

In addition to this new PBS series, Navy Seals – Their Untold Story, which airs tonight at 9pm on WGBY, we have many more compelling resources related to veterans.  On Wednesday, November 12, at 8pm, A Call to Action: A Veterans Coming Home Special will be broadcast live from the WGBY studios to tackle difficult issues that face veterans and to provide much needed local resources.  In honor of Veterans Day, PBS LearningMedia has classroom content about the Navy Seals and our country’s veterans. Continue Reading »

imagesShortly after the new school year began, eSchoolnews shared an invitation from the Library of Congress to students everywhere to touch, draw on and explore some of its most valuable treasures with new Student Discovery Sets that include free interactive eBooks for tablets.  The article provides links to Teacher Guides


Continue Reading »

Despite Cookie Monster’s first love, even he knows and teaches the importance of healthy eating.  Nutrition education needs to begin in elementary school and continue — and not just in health class and science units — argue scholars at the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education, and Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University.  They even question the claim by the corporate-backed School Nutrition Association that students are unwilling to eat healthier school lunchroom options.  Continue Reading »

Seasoned or beginning teachers are likely to imagine what students said they wished their teachers knew.  Jessica Lahey, who writes the NY Times blog Motherlode, talked to and emailed 100+ K-12 grade students across the country with the question, “What do you wish that your teachers knew?”  She writes that their three main wishes Continue Reading »

Tonight from 6:30 – 7:30 you can join the webinar Finding Your Roots in the Digital Age with Harvard scholar and PBS host Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  In this live webinar, you’ll see how he uses science to illuminate history and enhance his storytelling about the histories of guests such as the ones you see in this video.  You’ll also learn strategies for integrating classroom-ready social studies and science resources Continue Reading »

November is National Diabetes Month, a disease that’s become pervasive in our society due in part to reduced levels of physical activity and increased levels of “bad” foods in our diets.  PBS LearningMedia offers many resources for teaching lifestyle changes to minimize diabetes from the earliest ages.  Continue Reading »


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