I’ve long been drawn to Eleanor Roosevelt.  Whether you’re an admirer, an historian, or simply curious about this influential American family, you can sample the upcoming Ken Burns documentary THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY on WGBY tonight at 8pm in an exclusive PBS Preview. Patricia Clarkson hosts this behind-the-scenes look at the seven-part series, as filmmaker Burns describes how he brings the story of Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt to life. Continue Reading »

Almost every teacher can face the problem: getting students to write well, whether they’re being asked to write an essay, a book report or “what I did over summer vacation!”  Leslie Vos, in the August 6th issue of eSchool News, offers 27 valuable online resources for research, literacy and writing instruction, books, and Continue Reading »

indexOne of this year’s Pioneer Valley Teacher of Excellence Award recipients, Stacy-Lyn has been teaching since 2000.  She has a master’s degree and a professional license in elementary education.  She currently teaches 5th grade math and science.  Throughout her teaching career, she has taught grades 3-8.  When we asked how she tries to balance the demands of her professional and personal life, she wrote  Continue Reading »

This activity for grades 7-12 can prove a fine transition into the new school year given the many troubled places around our world that cause the United Nations to be on the nightly (and daily) news. The lesson provides students with Continue Reading »

There are so many factors that impact a child’s ability to learn. Can DNA be one of them? Staff writers at eSchool News (July 22) report on a study published in the journal Nature Communications that involved 1,500 pairs of 12-year-old twins. Continue Reading »

This remix from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is from the PBS Digital Studios library.  You can select top selections from the library designed for the classroom at a special collection found at PBS LearningMedia.  This content is edgy and engaging, educational  and thought -provoking — designed to catch students’ attention.   Continue Reading »

Educators work hard to nurture young peoples’ futures, but what happens when some of those futures are lives spent behind bars?

Does sentencing a teenager to life without parole serve our society well?  On Wednesday, August 4 at 10pm, WGBY airs 15 to Life:  Kenneth’s Story on POV, acclaimed Points of View documentary from TV’s longest-running showcase of independent nonfiction film.  This story follows a boy’s struggle for redemption in a place that routinely condemns children to die in prison. The United States is the only country in the world that routinely does so. Continue Reading »


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