Mathematics is one of the STEM skills that’s increasingly important, but most students find it hard to manage.  Laura Continue Reading »

October is Bullying Prevention Month and PBS LearningMedia can play a big role in teaching educators and students in a range of grades about conflict resolution and relationship-building as well as in preventing cyber bullying in today’s high tech world .  You and students can also learn about the brain’s role  in aggression Continue Reading »

86524740A recent article in the New York Times, Helping Kids Take Criticism Constructively (Even When It Isn’t Constructive), gives insightful information about  learning, teaching and practicing how to face the full range of criticism in ways that make children (and all of us) grow rather than inflate or despair.  Citing writers from the Harvard Negotiation Project, Standford University psychologist Carol Dweck and others, Jessica Lahey points out the importance of seeing ourselves as changing rather than static beings, and she details ways we can help young people be resilient and see the way forward Continue Reading »

Arthur’s 18th season began airing on WGBY last week.  This long-running PBS KIDS’ show is a strong learning tool for home and classroom settings.  Arthur and his friends will continue to have new adventures that explore childhood challenges with heart and humor while teaching problem-solving and pro-social skills.  The fun continues on the ARTHUR website, where kids, parents, caregivers and teachers can access a variety of educational resources,  Continue Reading »

467x267-boywritinginclass-ts-283x162In a fascinating article in the September 24th issue of eSchool News, English Language Arts teacher Nathan Garvin describes how he uses music to elicit ‘creative, deep, and original writing’ in his classroom. Continue Reading »

As you can see, these interviews, newsreel footage and archival photos from the American Experience: “Freedom Riders” show students how Mahatma Gandhi, the leader in the struggle for an independent India, inspired and influenced those engaged in the struggle to end racial discrimination in the United States.  In addition to other Ghandi resources at PBS LearningMedia, this video clip is accompanied by support materials (from which I just learned that Mahatma means “great soul”) that include Continue Reading »

Every wish you could send quick reminders and more to students or parents? This brief demo of the ed app 101 is by Remind, an ed tech start up company recently reported on in the New York Times.  The company has raised $40 million this year after creating the free app used by 40 percent of teachers in states like Texas and Georgia to link teachers and parents.  (Approximately a million teachers are reported to be using Remind’s software to communicate with 17+ million students.)  The app allows teachers to remind students about things like homework assignments and to send photos, a great way to help cultivate a culture of belonging.   Parents can also Continue Reading »


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