As you may know, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 with events held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  We have resources that span preK-12 — from PBS KIDS programming with themed on-air programming and online and mobile content to a WGBY Lending Library video on Earth Day’s history, and more to come! Continue Reading »

PBS LearningMedia offers resources to strengthen the literacy skills of students from kindergarten through high school.  A nationally popular vocabulary/reading program from the beloved PBS KIDS program Martha Speaks, sport-themed words from The Electric Company, and videos/images for The Catcher in the Rye are all designed to engage students and enhance curricula. Continue Reading »

One year ago bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line.  A new digital project by Boston’s WGBH, Arthur Family Health, has a major section called “Resilience” that can be a timely resource for teachers and parents to talk about images and issues that are flooding the media at this time.  Continue Reading »

PBS ParentsThe week of April 13-19 is National Library Week and, among the tens of thousands of PBS LearningMedia resources, many support reading and literacy. The WGBY Online Video Lending Library also has several VHS and DVD titles promoting reading and vocabulary skills  Continue Reading »

indexWGBY invites you to the world premiere of Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America, an in-depth study of the architect’s complex life and accomplishments this Sunday, 13 April, from 4 – 6 pm at The Academy of Music, Northampton.  In addition to major contributions to the American landscape, such as co-designing Central Park, heading the first Yosemite commission, and designing the U.S. Capitol Grounds, Olmstead designed Smith, Mt. Holyoke, UMass and Amherst, and his firm created parks in Springfield and Holyoke MA.  (Who remembers Riverside Park?) Continue Reading »

indexProject C:  Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement is a three-year series of free electronic field trips taking place throughout the civil rights fiftieth anniversary years of 2013-2015.  Project C, which also provides a Teacher Resource Guide, focuses on the role of citizenship in a democracy through the study of historical events and the past to teach the importance of civic engagement in a humane, civil and just society.  Archived electronic field trips with classroom resources are also available. Continue Reading »

On Monday we shared THINK WEDNESDAY’S on WGBY.  This Wednesday, April 9, Your Inner Fish explores how the genetic legacy of a fish can be seen in our own DNA. This cutting-edge scientific adventure reveals the startling truth that hidden within the human body is a story of life on Earth and the legacy of animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.  To bring these discoveries alive in the classroom, PBS LearningMedia provides a lesson guide for grades 6-12 on Your Inner Fish, which includes National Standards. Continue Reading »


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